My husband and I met with Eva and Janice before our twin girls were born and we were immediately impressed with their approach and experience with newborn twins. Once the twins arrived and she spent the first nite with us I knew for sure we were in good hands and felt so good about our decision to work with Twinkeys. Eva is a pleasure to be around and we always looked forward to the nights she was joining us (knowing I can get a few more hours of sleep those nights which was priceless!) Always wished we had more nights with her.

Fast forward fifteen months we always find ourselves talking about Eva and how important it was that we followed her advice those first few months in regards to teaching our girls how to fall asleep on their own. They're sleeping like pros now and every time we hear a parent complain about their baby not sleeping we recommend Twinkeys! 

Livia & Nick


It gives us great pleasure to reflect on our time with Eva and Janice. We were so lucky to have them come to our home right when our twin boys first arrived home from the hospital (after being in the NICU for the first month of their lives).

We found ourselves looking forward to the evenings when we knew they were going to be with us, not only for that precious sleep that we longed for, but even more so for the time we spent talking and all the invaluable insights and guidance the two of them shared with us. We know that our boys developed healthy sleeping habits because of the routines Eva and Janice put in place and because of the calm demeanor with which they did so. We feel so lucky to have had the physical and emotional support throughout a very exciting, new, and vulnerable time in our lives. Having Eva and Janice with us always felt so natural and we found ourselves really missing our time with them once our boys became twinkeys graduates. We really hope to get the opportunity to work with these two amazing women again.

Ilana and Matthew


“My husband and I called Eva when our daughter was 4 months old. Eva and Janice were fantastic in helping us put our daughter on a schedule which really improved her sleeping habits. We thought she was not sleeping through the night because she was exclusively breastfeed but really she just was not on a good schedule. Eva and Janice were fantastic with our daughter and she is finally not afraid of her crib. She has basically been sleeping through the night since Eva and Janice entered our lives. She is also a happier baby since she gets the rest that she needs.  Eva and Janice were a pleasure to work with and I only needed their expertise a few nights which proves how great they are at their jobs and their techniques really work.”




“When our newborn twin boys arrived it was like our life got hit by the perfect storm of challenges: lack of sleep, lack of expertise and lack of experience. Eva provided us with all three. We hired Eva as a night nurse in the simple hope that we might get some sleep for a couple nights a week. We got to sleep, but we also got much more. Eva guided us through the fog of our first three months. She taught us, she encouraged us and she listened to us. Perhaps, the greatest gift she gave us is that she worked to stretch the gaps between feeds and our boys quickly became good, sound sleepers. When Eva left us, it felt like losing a big sister and we still miss her.”

Nick and Kelly (and Jack and Ben too)


"Eva and Janice were godsends last summer as my husband and I adjusted to life with our lovely twin daughters. They have also been very helpful on many occasions since then. 

Before the babies arrived, Eva met us at our house and outlined what life might be like once the twins came home. Once they were born, Eva helped me in the hospital during our busy second night there. When the girls came home, Eva and Janice alternated doing night shifts here for the first two weeks. As we weary parents found our feet over the following few weeks, we gradually handled more nights on our own until eventually Janice or Eva came only one night a week as a "treat" for us. When Janice or Eva arrived, we could relax knowing they would care for the babies through the night.

Janice and Eva swaddled, diapered, fed, burped, and comforted the girls -- and taught us amazing coping strategies along the way. They also logged the babies' volume of food intake and diaper output for as long as we needed to track such things. Plus they sometimes folded baby laundry, washed and sterilized bottles, and patted our culture-shocked cats. They also supported me through breastfeeding challenges, and Eva equipped me with pumping supplies that have let me partially breastfeed for over a year. Eva also helped my husband and me plan out our night time parenting shifts so as to maximize our precious stretches of sleep. 

Both Eva and Janice have been consistently reliable, cheerful, capable, and attentive, and they are always gentle and positive with the babies. We highly recommend them both!"  

Laura, James, Kaitlin, & Chloe


“Eva provided night time support to our son Quinn from one week of age until 3 months.  She set out a good night time routine for us to follow on nights she was not assisting us and helped us get through some tough nights when Quinn just did not want to sleep in his crib.  By 2.5 months, Quinn was sleeping 12 hours through the night, and continues to do so.  Eva also has a wealth of information about so many issues that arise with being a new mom, it was so convenient to have my questions answered in the comfort of my own home.  Thank you for helping all of us sleep soundly through the night so we can enjoy our days together!”

Ali & Chris


“Eva started with us prior to the birth of our twins to assist us in organizing the nursery (what clothes, how much bedding, feeding choices etc) as well as providing us with some very important parenting tips that just aren’t taught in books or by out of town grand/parents.

As a work at home entrepreneur, I don’t receive maternity benefits, so it was especially important to have Eva managing not only the running of the house (mostly with regards to the babies), but also pulling me out of my office for a breather, their feeding times and even my own lunches etc (I guess she took care of me too!). She really helped provide this mum with some sanity breaks and the odd night out for Mark and I to have some quality time. Eva worked with us from 9-5 (with the odd 9-6) for 6 months until we moved from Toronto to Brooklin. Her knowledge, previous experiences and flexibility made it almost a breeze. This was all due to her easy manner and way that she simply melted into our family that made not only the “caregiver time” great, but an unexpected bonus of a new (but smarter) friend. Let’s face it, it could be very difficult to insert a new person into your everyday life and that transition was not only seamless, but sorely missed when we moved. Although we begged her to “live in” (which again was a very big step), she had other families to help along the parenting path. Our girls are now 4 years old, and Eva is still a part of our family. Along with the general visits, she is part of all of our birthday celebrations, Christmas parties etc and we KNOW that we would be very different parents without her.”

The Whittle Crew (Mark, Nicole, Sammie and Katie)


“Eva provided our family some sanity at a much needed time.  As new parents bringing home a newborn that did not want to sleep we definitely needed some unbiased guidance.  The most valuable asset was putting our newborn on our routine and teaching to fall asleep on her own, once this was in place both baby and mommy were much better.  It didn't take too long to get sorted out thanks to Eva's help.  We are now the proud parents of a 2 year old that goes to bed every night at 7pm without a fuss.

Once again, thanks”

Odette & Jim Walker (and Emma)



“We are a family of 5.  Big sister Eve is 20 months older than twins Clare and Sebastian - who are now 6 months.  Eva provided night help

and help during the day.  She assisted me with establishing and maintaining a sleep and feed schedule that got them sleeping through the night.  Eva also helped with shopping, laundry and the odd errand. The most valuable aspect Eva brought to our family was a sense of calmness.  She is very capable and teaches you by example to remain level headed and calm too.  We really like that she still keeps in touch and offers suggestions when we aren't sure how to handle a new situation. We used Eva for approximately 6 months.”

Rachelle and Edward Lounsbury



“Without Eva's support in helping me breastfeed my premature twins, my babies

would not have been breastfed at all. Eva possesses an impressive knowledge and

ability to help new moms breastfeed their newborns, and I found her skill to be on

par with that of any hospital lactation consultant. We were lucky indeed to have

Eva'ssupport during those challenging first few months. Eva also provided us with

very helpful information about babies in general, and we new parents are very


Fiona Clark




Eva was instrumental in helping us to navigate life with newborn twins!  Eva acted

as an essential "second set of hands" for the first six weeks of our babies' lives

(during the days)- not only providing us with extra support at a very busy and

exhausting time, but also building our confidence as new parents so that eventually

we could "go it alone".  Even after we no longer required Eva's services on a daily

basis, she continues to play an important role in our children's (and our) lives, and

we still maintain a strong relationship with her today - seven years later!